Everyone Deserves Clear Clean Skin!

We believe everyone does deserve clean water which is why we have created a special program designed for eczema relief. Please fill out the form below to schedule a brief phone interview during which time we’ll discuss your situation and how we can best help make an improvement to the quality of your home’s water. Then we’ll schedule an in-person visit to test your water and evaluate which system would be best to use.



Hard water, impurities, and chemical additives have been attributed to eczema for many years. Hard water contains high levels of calcium content which may contribute to skin problems, including eczema. High calcium carbonate content acts as an irritant has been known to exacerbate existing eczema disorders. Exposure to hard water and aggressive chemicals in soaps, such as sodium hydroxide will continue to irritate raw skin. Sodium hydroxide is a powerful sensitizer and it is the most common contributing factor for eczema sufferers.

Filtered pure water in the family home has been medically known to be kinder on the skin. Many of our customers have noticed a positive change to their skin conditions since using a complete pure water purification system. While there is no guarantee that pure water cures eczema, pure water certainly has a beneficial effect on the skin condition. To find out more about our eczema relief program, please call us or request a consultation within the form below.


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