Clean, Pure Water from Every Faucet

November 27, 2017   The Gazette – Colorado Springs, CO

Clean water is essential to a healthy life. “The industrial grade water we’re using here in Colorado Springs is some of the best in the country, but it still contains disinfectants, chemicals, fluoride, prescription medications, illicit drugs — essentially anything and everything that can be flushed down the toilet can end up in our tap water,” said Ben Brigham, Owner and Certified Water Specialist at The Water Spot. Brigham got into the water treatment industry about seven years ago, and immediately fell in love with the service aspect and the ability to provide homeowners with clean water.

“With water treatment, of course you have to start by knowing what’s in the water,” said Brigham. “We send samples to a lab and based on the water quality we build a customized system that treats every pipe, faucet and fixture in the home.” The Water Spot’s systems filter and purify water throughout the home, resulting in pure, safe and delicious-tasting water. The company provides free water testing across the state of Colorado (some restrictions apply).

Systems can be custom-designed to remove a range of contaminants — lead, copper, mercury, uranium and more. A recent, local issue concerns groundwater contamination at Security, Widefield and Fountain Air Force bases. High levels of perfluorinated chemicals (PFOAs) have been found in the soil — 70 to several thousand times the proposed state limit. PFOSs can be highly toxic and cancerous, especially at such high levels. While there is a continued effort on part of the water districts to clean up the chemical contamination, residents are still being urged to purchase bottled water for the time being.

“People are having to spend upwards of 25 to 100 plus a month on bottled water for drinking, cooking, pets and everything else,” said Brigham. “If those affected by the contamination would like to have enough water to drink and cook with — without running around and lugging bottles and breaking bank — we can do a WQA gold certified system for residents in the Widefield and Security area for $19 per month. These drinking water purification systems generate up to 75 gallons per day per home.” That’s enough pure water for any family at very affordable rate. Having a system installed by The Water Spot is like having 500 Brita filters for the whole house, plus purification and even reverse osmosis if necessary or desired, both of which remove impurities that mere filtration cannot.

It’s not just the system that matters, but the right system for each home’s specific water issues and the maintenance of that system. Systems are customized for each home or business. “We start with the facts about your water first. A lab analysis is often the first step in building a quality water system,” said Brigham.“You’re not just purchasing a water treatment system, you’re a Water Spot client and we are committed to the quality of your home’s water. A relationships with our Certified Water Specialists is part of the deal. This means regular maintenance and filter changes are included with every system we sell. We have bumper to bumper warranties on some systems for 25 years. So yes, it’s a commitment for the long haul,” said Brigham.

Being employee-owned has been a goal from the beginning and each talented team member is motivated by the highest level of quality service and customer satisfaction. The team has installed many systems throughout the state of Colorado, one home at a time — and one school at a time as well. They have just completed an agreement in November to install systems for the Denver Green School. “We are still working on the finer details but it’s going to happen,” said Brigham. “It is an honor to install these systems in schools and provide pure drinking water for kids and with help from the Water Quality Association.”

Meet some of The Water Spot’s amazing team:

Ben Brigham: Owner, Certified Water Specialist.
“It’s easy for people to take their homes’ water quality for granted. Fortunately for most families, whole house purification systems quickly pay for themselves and can offer years of trouble-free peace of mind. It’s nice to offer products and services that regularly exceed client expectations and directly improve overall quality of life in such a simple way,” said Brigham.

Dan Flanigan: Greater Denver Area Sales Manager.
He spent 20 years in the mental health profession and 10 years At Denver Children’s Hospital before entering the water purification field. “It’s amazing to work with one of my best friends from College. One of his first accomplishments was getting the lead out of the water at his kid’s school: The Denver Green School. Not only will the kids have safe lead-free water to drink, but Dan is working to incorporate the science of water purification into the educational curriculum. We hope the program appeals to all the Denver Public Schools in time,” said Brigham.

Bob Zerba
After 15 years with one of the largest water companies in the country, and 4,000 water system installations, there is not a water system made that he can’t fix or diagnose. “As an Air Force veteran and the son of a Marine, he brings a skill set that is hard to find in this industry,” Brigham said. “He keeps our service department running smoothly and efficiently.”

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